Monday, April 17, 2006

Gwen - the insect hunter?

Gwen looking for - maybe insects
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The wonderful weather of Easter Sunday brought the family c to Sheep Meadow in Central park. The weather was superb and G found that she liked to explore. We are not sure what she is digging around for, but it kept her pretty occupied.
We'd like to apologize for being so horribly late with updates.

Thefamilyc were sick for the past 2 weeks with little G leading the pack. She began with slight diarhea and the sniffles, which escalated to a cold, a cough and ended with really high fevers. So once again we were at the doctor's office. Poor thing! They had to take blood. Worst of all, they couldn't find blood. They tried one arms and then another and then her heel and lastly, they finally found a vein in her arm again. You can just imagine how pleasant that would be for a 18 month old. On top of that, they had to get a urine sample. Just in case you are wondering how that would happen for a pre-potty trained toddler, they had to use a catheter. Ouch! I was wincing the whole time.

Just when you think that is more than enough, because to her soaring fever they had to give her antibiotics via injection.

Overall that whole day was traumatizing.

Despite that Little G has gained almost 3 lbs in the last 3 months. Pictures will be coming shortly.