Thursday, July 19, 2007

pulling, crawling, cruising

Just when I was beginning to worry that she might not be meeting all her milestone, s decided to pull them all out of her hat in basically the same week. She went from a cute smiling little lump who rolled from side to side to a crawling and cruising little dynamo. She loves this. She loves her independence. We have put down some alphabet mats on the floor and she just starts crawling away, gnawing at anything. Of course, she would not gnaw on the basket of teethers that we have purchased for that expressed purpose. She prefers the foam mat that she is lining the floor, the foam that is protecting her from the table corner, pieces of tissues that she finds on the floor. Yes, lots of fun.

This weekend we will begin the exercise of baby proofing. Video to come.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

s...for no special reason

here's a gratuitous shot. I just thought she looked so adorable here.

and another....

Chasing the sun

Today's weather was predicted to be stormy and windy. I was bummed and couldn't think of any rainy day activity to do at home. We woke to what seemed like a gorgeous day. We checked the hourly forecast and found that rain was scheduled for the mid-afternoon. That gave us at least 5 hours before a downpour. So we thought of taking the kids peach picking. We logged on to check on the hours of our favorite place, Lee Turkey Farms but found out that they don't open till 2:00 PM on a sunday (that'll be about the time the storm would have arrived. So I went quickly to see if there are any other pick-your-own-fruit farms around the area and found Alstede Farms in Chester, NJ. It was less than 50 miles away. So by our calculations, we could get there by 11:00, pick some fruit, see some animals and be home before 3:00 PM.

The peaches were good. They weren't huge like the ones at Lee Turkey but they were tasty. g got a kick out of picking things out for herself. The place is definitely more organized though. They had picnic tables with a nice tent for anyone wanting to do an impromptu picnic. They had a few horses and cows for the kids to feed and pet (you have to pay $1 for a bag of carrots for the horses though). All told everyone had fun. I took s on the backpack and she was taking it all in. I gave her some peach on her fruit strainer. She really liked that.

We were safely at home by 3:00 PM. Of course the thunderstorms never really did arrive. I saw a bit of rain tonight at around 9:00 PM. I am glad we soaked up the sun.

Monday, July 09, 2007

g is for....

this is how the dialogue went....

G - ok, g. what is the letter g for? (expecting the answer to be g is for her own name)
g - g is for kenny g (or something that sounds like it)

She picked up on the hilarity of this comment and decided to run with it.

At a later time, we spoke again...

G - g. What is the letter g for?
g - g is for kenny g
f - when did you see kenny g?
g - I saw him yestuhday.
f - really? Where did you see him?
g - in the basement.
G - what was kenny g doing in the basement?
g - he needed to go to hospital.
(after this, g must have felt that the conversation was going nowhere and promptly left the room.)