Tuesday, September 25, 2007

g on the 'net

g is at that age when she frequently says the funniest things.

Today she took an old make-up case (the big ones that a make-up artist would be lugging around) that I had laying around for her to play around with. She asked me to get it and open it. I asked her why. She responded, "I need to check my email."

I didn't know that the case had a wireless card.

Monday, September 10, 2007

my little sous chef

g seems to be beginning a new phase in her eating life. She has begun to be a picky eater. She used to do this occasionally for a meal but is usually back to her old happy eating self by the next meal. However this seems to be going on for over a week now. Even Gmom wasn't able to make her eat.

I won't sweat it though. Her diet is still fairly healthy. She is just not eating bowls and bowls of stuff but she will eat as much as needs to make herself full.

To encourage her eating, I thought that maybe if she helped prepare the meal, she would be more inspired. It worked out pretty well. She ended up not liking the hotdog but ate the eggs (and a nice-sized bowl of rice). Earlier she already had a handful of tomatoes for a snack. Afterwards she had a plateful of figs for dessert.

I have to say that she really did a great job with cutting up hot dogs and beating the eggs for the "hotdog omelet". I gave her a kiddie "knife" from Ikea and she proceeded to cut them. She knew how to do it and didn't make a mess. Cracking the egg was a little more problematic. She cracked them properly on the counter corner but then she proceeded to crush it with her hand. I had to fish out some shells. She mixed the eggs rather than beat it, but not bad for a first timer and a not-quite-3-year-old.

Here are some photos. Enjoy.

Friday, September 07, 2007


That's how it sounds like when g talks about Bermuda. We had just returned from the p&k wedding. It was wonderful. Everything was just perfect and g really liked bermeula. What's not to like? We arrived to slightly windy conditions. Upon arrival, we made a mad dash to the hotel. There was to be a sunset cruise that first night. It was set to leave at 6:00 PM. Our flight arrived at 5:10 pm. I had assumed we were not going to make it.

We arrived at the hotel close to 5:30 pm. We had no idea where to go for this cruise so we asked the front desk and the concierge. Both had no clue. G stood at the balcony of our room overlooking the bay and was taking in the gorgeous view when he noticed that there was a party boat docked at the beach. There was a bunch of Asians milling around it. G was convinced that this was the boat. So we put in a call to k and verified that we were looking at the party boat. They were already boarding. The race was on to get the kids' stuff together and run to the boat.

And run we did. We made it. Since we called, they held the boat just a little bit for us to arrive. It didn't help that we took the longest way possible to get down to the beach since we just arrived.

The cruise was lovely. g enjoyed it. She spent most of it shaking and grooving to the music. I have never seen her dance so much before, but this was just the beginning.

Wedding day was again another beautiful day. Sunny and breezy but not so much. We spent the morning swimming and doing a little sightseeing. We took to the caves which was nice albeit small. It was a nice 5 minute cave.

The wedding was picture perfect. g did her part as flower girl...well, sort of. She was moving along ok until she noticed her partner, d make a run for his mom. At that point she didn't know what to do, so she made a break for it as well. She streak across the aisle rather than doing a dainty little walk. At least she made it across. She spent the rest of the wedding playing with sand, totally ignoring the beautiful ceremony. I guess that is to be expected.

The reception was another story. g went nuts, dancing the night away with ys and k. She actually stuck to k for hours. k couldn't shake those kids!!! The dance floor was littered with kids. ~~~Video to come on this one.