Thursday, March 09, 2006

Gwen catching up on the news

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What can I say...she just loves to read.

It's hot in here

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Boy, it's hot in Manila. Gwen prefers to go topless.

Here's everybody

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The whole brood.

All the boys

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Here's a picture of all the Tychuaco boys and of course, George.

Greatgrandma and all the kids

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This is Gwen's great grandmother and all the great grandkids.

Gwen's cousins

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From left: Phyllis, CJ, Alyssa and little Dylan

Gwen reading???

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Doesn't she look like she's trying to decipher the directions?

Cute albeit fake smile

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with Mama trying to catch some zz's in the background.


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Actually she just loves to show you where her lips are.

In the Taiwan airport...waiting for our connecting flight to Anchorage.

Clown cheeks!!!!

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We took a picture of this. Truly freaky. It almost looks like we put a lot more than a dab of rouge on the poor baby's face. This was her first day back in the USA, so the doctor thinks it might just be a temperature change kind-of-a-thing.

Thankfully, it hasn't happened again.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Enter the toddler

Just when I was getting used to my sweet little baby, enter the little monster toddler. While on our Philippine Holiday (which I will blog soon), I have begun to notice that she was beginning to be her own little person in all the cute ways. She expresses dislike by pushing things away. She gets "excited" when presented with something she does like (ie bananas and mangoes). Now she has taken it a step farther. She is no longer content with merely expressing her opinion. She is demanding her wants. And when she does not get it, she either (a) flails herself about on the floor, (b) tosses things randomly and deliberately on the floor or (c) whines loudly. Oh hell....she does all three.

Last night, she decided that she would like to be carried and patted to sleep at midnight. When she cried out, I checked for any sign of illness, any pain. Nope. She just wanted to carried, played with and rocked. NOW! It was a long night.

I miss her still.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


This is G, an hour before takeoff at JFK. We didn't know then that it was the beginning of a really long day. Gwen was not difficult, but we sat beside a smaller infant who must not have been feeling well. He cried and cried and cried. So this picture is a memory of the time before she was so sleep deprived that she could barely sit up.

Here she is....little miss perpetual motion. Posted by Picasa