Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A new trend in Manhattan Parenthood...Chinese nannies.

I read this article online and thought of the years I spent learning Mandarin. Or more accurately, learning to remember the answers to specific questions in Mandarin. I do regret not caring about the language much in my childhood. Now I am thinking of signing up for Berlitz to get a leg up in globalized society.

Another thought...which I have always found funny. As it seems to be hip to learn Chinese, my mother-in-law (whose Cantonese is perfect) seems to be leaning towards English with little G. To say that my mother-in-law's english is so-so is being generous. But there is she...singing ABC (minus a letter or 2) and London Beachy falling down.

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Kam said...

How come I can relate to this??? :">

Great thought!