Wednesday, September 13, 2006

She's no Mary Poppins

So she is no Mary Poppins but our nanny finally reported to work this Monday. We have tried to make her feel at home. Although I do understand how it feels to start work at a new place. there have already been a couple of odd things that we had started to notice and I am not sure what to make of it. It is too early to make a judgment yet, but I can't help it.

- She doesn't like to eat with us. I guess I should not find this surprising. Our maids back home never ate at the same table with us. She said that she finds this odd and would prefer to eat elsewhere. But where? Our "spacious" apartment does not really afford another location to eat. Last night (her 2nd night), she finally sat with us as we were finishing dinner.

- She doesn't seem to have a "way" with kids. Considering that she had taken care of kids in previous jobs and she has a daughter of her own, she doesn't seem to be very warm with g. I arrived home a little earlier than expected yesterday and she was busy with cleaning up my under-sink cabinet. Not that it's a bad thing that she is cleaning but g was just sitting beside her playing with recyclable paper. I just found it odd that she would prefer to be cleaning the inner-lining of my garbage can than playing with g. When the nanny saw me come in, she picked g up immediately. What's that about? I know that thus far g's caretakers have been her grandmom, G's aunt, G's aunt's sister, my mom, my aunt, daycare workers, etc. All of these women have some sort of personal connection to g, but most people at least react to g. G's mom was grooming g for mayor and have been having her say hello to just about everyone they see on the street during their walks.

Usually as part of g's sleep routine, we take her around to everyone at home (whoever happens to be there) and have her say good night to all of them. We did this when my aunt was here, when my niece was here, etc. Everyone would at least turn around to say goodnight. Most would even ask for a kiss or give her a peck on the cheek. The nanny was in the middle of prepping for dinner but she barely even turned her head. This was so obvious that even G noticed.

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