Monday, September 10, 2007

my little sous chef

g seems to be beginning a new phase in her eating life. She has begun to be a picky eater. She used to do this occasionally for a meal but is usually back to her old happy eating self by the next meal. However this seems to be going on for over a week now. Even Gmom wasn't able to make her eat.

I won't sweat it though. Her diet is still fairly healthy. She is just not eating bowls and bowls of stuff but she will eat as much as needs to make herself full.

To encourage her eating, I thought that maybe if she helped prepare the meal, she would be more inspired. It worked out pretty well. She ended up not liking the hotdog but ate the eggs (and a nice-sized bowl of rice). Earlier she already had a handful of tomatoes for a snack. Afterwards she had a plateful of figs for dessert.

I have to say that she really did a great job with cutting up hot dogs and beating the eggs for the "hotdog omelet". I gave her a kiddie "knife" from Ikea and she proceeded to cut them. She knew how to do it and didn't make a mess. Cracking the egg was a little more problematic. She cracked them properly on the counter corner but then she proceeded to crush it with her hand. I had to fish out some shells. She mixed the eggs rather than beat it, but not bad for a first timer and a not-quite-3-year-old.

Here are some photos. Enjoy.

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