Thursday, January 10, 2008

an s update

s new stats:

@14 months
weight - 19.1 lbs - around 10th percentile
height - 29.13 inches - around 25th percentile
head - 18.11 inches - around 50th percentile

I should stop obsessing about s's weight. I thought that if she gained a little in percentile that I could finally let it go. It's hard, very hard. Well, for one, she didn't gain in percentile. She is a little below 10th percentile which she once was. However she did gain everywhere else. I got upset with her this morning because of food and intake.

I looked online today and found this Nutritional Guide for Toddlers where they listed a standard portion size for 1 year olds. I discovered something that I probably subconsciously knew....that g is the ODD one. Based on this guide, s has been eating more than what is required. I have just been so used to g eating her adult-sized portions that I felt that s was always starving when she probably wasn't.

Though it is true that she is more picky than her sister was, she is not as picky as some of the horror stories I have read online. s loves flavorful foods. She does not like bland, but if she's hungry she will eat a minimum amount of food in order to satiate herself and then she'll start to reject. However if it is something she likes, she will definitely eat more and be easier to feed.

Armed with this new knowledge, I will try harder to let this go PERIOD For the record, the pediatrician has never expressed a concern, has not recommended that we start replacing milk with ice cream or anything like that. I am just going off the deep end about this rather than letting her be herself. The stress of this is probably not helping her feel excited about meal times.

I guess that is the price of being second born, there's more to live up to.

Updates...Now reading this article makes me feel extremely guilty about literally trying to shove food into her mouth.

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