Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Kai Lan

After weeks of checking, I finally decided to bite the bullet. It's been months since little g became a fan. I had wanted to get her a shirt, hair clip...something. Nothing.

I thought that this cartoon-merchandising tie-in was a little more swift than it really is considering the proliferation of all things Dora/Barney/Elmo. I have been looking into iron-on transfers for inkjet printers. The reviews online thus far has been fairly dismal. So I have been really hesitant.

It's not cheap (about $7.00 for a 5 sheet set), but in a moment of weakness (which always seem to strike when I am at Walmart), I bought it.

It sat unopened for a couple of days until I finally decided to go for it. Here's the result.

Not too bad.

I'll report back after a few washes.

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