Friday, June 13, 2008

A family that wiis together

The family C is definitely WII-ing together. The purchase initially was for me. I wanted to find a way to get healthy within my specific time constraints (READ - no time). I think the WII Fit fever has spread.

- I like the variety in the offering. However I am at day 18 ad I have unlocked almost all the games, so I am afraid I am running out of "variety" soon.
- The exercises are fun. The aerobics are the most fun. The yoga is good too. I am horrible at the balance games.
- There is something for the kids to do. The running game is good for both g and s. g can even follow along a step class.
- Hula Hoops - need I say more?

- I would wish that there would be a workout routine like a whole workout rather than pieces. Most exercises (especially the yoga stuff) has a bit of an introduction and commentary from your "trainer" afterwards. Since I am doing this because of time constraints, this is even more annoying. In the first week, a 30 minute workout would take me almost 45 minutes to get through. I do understand that most newcomers to exercise need the instructions/demo, but why can't I just skip it when I've seen all of this?


King said...

s looks so cute playing the WII

King said...
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