Thursday, February 12, 2009

she Crazy!

The more I hear about the Octo-mom, the more I am coming to the conclusion that "she crazy". I know that my judgment is based on new media stories that can be purposely inflamed to keep me watching. I won't comment on the possible plastic surgery rumor.

The burning questions in my mind are:
How did she afford in-vitro? These treatments are not cheap.
Why would anyone seek fertility treatments when one can barely support a brood of six?
(if I were a taxpayer in California) How can I "not" support this woman's lifestyle?

Octo-mom (or her overt hyper-birthing behavior) drives me insane. I love children as evidenced by the two that I have. However I find it unconscionable to have kids that you cannot support in every way. It is a sad start to their lives. I watch those little babies (and they are truly little) and pray. For what else can I do?

What I won't do is DONATE to their crazy mother.

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