Thursday, March 12, 2009

let the training begin.

Gmom has started the multiplication table memorization. g has absorbed most of the the table of 2. Now to infinite and beyond.

For those who don't understand what she is saying, she is doing her table of 2s in cantonese. She thinks she is singing a song.

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Wow. Mom is starting them early! Ask them 2 x 9! BTW, were there supposed to be a video??

the author of this blog said...

yeah it was. Blogger having issues. All better now.

jac said...

I cant believe that g is already learning the multiplication table while dylan is still learning simple addition and subtraction. Is that part of her school curriculum? Wow! i cant imagine how advance kids are nowadays!

the author of this blog said...

I wish it was part of her curriculum. Their grandmother has started training them.