Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Fathers Day 2009

a post from G:

g made a card and a gift for me a few days before Father's Day last week at school. I saw the card and wrapped gift in the living room for days but I made a promise to her that I would wait until Sunday to open it. Every morning from Thursday til Sunday she would ask me if it was Father's day yet. When Sunday finally arrived, she was so happy. Her first words that morning from her top bunk were "Happy's father's Day." She presented me with a fancy card she drew herself and also my present wrapped in construction paper with a picture of her on it. Inside the wrapping was a laminated picture of her made into a keychain.

Not to be outdone, the day after while I was cooking lunch for the kids in the morning, Sydney found a H&M clothing tag in the living room and convinced the nanny to loop an orange ribbon though it. She then taped an orange jewel to the front and presented it to me and said "For you daddy, happy father day" and then ran away. Now I have two keychains but not enough keys to put them on.



What was the gift??

Kam said...

Competition makes the gift so much sweeter. Hope this can convince Echo we need two kids. =)