Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sesame Place

The Family C took a trip to Sesame Place last weekend.

Here is father-and-daughter tubing...
g was slightly freaked out at first about the whole tubing experience.

But after a few minutes, she wanted to get into the water.

My personal review of Sesame Place:
One word: WEEKDAY!!! I thought that Sesame Place was a cool place to go, but the lines were crazy. For the more popular rides (Elmo's World and the Tube experience), the wait time was averaging about 45 minutes on line which is a long time for adults but unbearable for young kids.

A sample of the crazy line to go tubing.

Here's g, G and K finally getting to the end of the line.

The lines were getting me agitated. The food lines were even worst. Looking at the lines for food, you'd think they were giving the stuff away.

So my advice to all the mommies and daddies headed for Sesame:
Pack lunch for everybody. I packed food for g, but not for the adults.
Bring enough drinks. There are lines for that too.
I got g a wetsuit. I think this helps since there is a lot of soaking rides in Sesame. It prevented her from getting the chills from being wet and half-naked.
Need I say this again...WEEKDAY!!!!


a's mommy said...

great photos, esp the one where g is trying to dive off the tube into the water...looks like it was lots of fun!

theFamilyC said...

a's mommy - wish you were there.