Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Over the weekend, g has started to say "I -tah-tu" (translation: I love you) I don't think it is something that she understands or a concept that she has grasped as of yet, but despite an ignorance to what the phrase actually means, it is really nice to hear. She also tends to accompany this with a massive amount of hugs and kisses. She seems to enjoy hugging now or strangling according to G. She would clutch G tightly around the neck and say i-tah-tu again and again. All together now...awwwwww

New words that I remember:
* honny - hungry
* Khakuh - cracker
* ee-nee juis - ernie juice or apple and eve berry juice with ernie on the label
* sing - swing or park, often accompanied by arms swinging
* side - slide often accompanied with the words "sing" and "pak"
* huht - hurt
* chat chat - cantonese for brushing teeth
* sau sau - cantonese for washing hands
* pin pin - cantonese for diaper
* Mahrney - Barney (the purple dinosaur)
* papayee - papaya
* tai ji - cantonese for grapes
* nana - banana
* yo-gott - yogurt
* chiss - cheese
* kak-kak - quack-quack or duck
* umba - umbrella
* een - rain, only used when she wants to take out an umbrella, she would inform me that it's raining.
* soks - socks
* shus - shoes
* bibi - baby
* pakpak - backpack
* bahsh - brush
* potty - potty - she knows the word but refuses to use it.
* Iya - Olivia the pig
* Da-a - Dora the explorer

* she also knows parts of her body, mostly in English though she knows some of it in Cantonese too.

Songs g loves to "sing"
* tinkle, tinkle - twinkle, twinkle - her FAVORITE
* abc - ABC
* tang, tang, tah-tang, tang, tah-tang - theme music for the emperor in Star Wars
* bop bop - baby bop's theme song
* mah mahrney - Barney theme song
* I-tah-tu - "I love you" song from Barney

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