Monday, March 19, 2007

And the Oscar goes to....

I am amazed at the g's development in the last few weeks. She has gone from monosyllabic responses to full sentences to full stories. She is beginning to synthesize information in her head and not just regurgitate what she has heard. Her verbal skills are great despite having multiple languages to keep up with. There is one development that has come up in recent weeks that I am not exactly thrilled about.

She has developed a flair for drama. Sadly this does not refer to creative play, but rather her ability to cry ... no, WAIL at the drop of a hat. She has enormous physical control of her tear ducts as well. She can be activated by a tap on the head or a word that displeases her. She is now the one that must not be tangled with. I know that this is probably still a reaction to her new baby sister and how she is often shushed when S is sleeping, but WOW I didn't quite expect this reaction.

Often I have become so attuned to her that I can see it coming and when it does show up, it is hard for me to keep a straight face because it is ridiculous in a way. However a straight face is what I keep. Quite often though I would be saying this in my head, "and the Oscar goes to..."

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