Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A little progress

It is slow going at the FamilyC Institute for Better Sleeping. We have started this process 2 weeks ago and have not been as consistent as we should have been. It has been getting a little better. There has been less crying from both baby and mommy. It has been really stressful for me the past few weeks as evidence by the lack of postings to the site. Work has really ramped up. This is the worst possible time. I am trying to get s settled, trying to get g potty trained and trying to keep my job all in the same breath. G's work has also ramped up that he is staying later and later.

I hate doing this training on my own. when we did training with g, even my mom and dad were present. Of course, my dad still registers his opposition to the whole process. We were all pacing in our own individual little circles as g was screaming her brains out. With some luck, she has kept most of her brains and is doing really well with sleeping today. She goes down easily at night after her bath, story and songs. Sometimes she sleeps immediately. Sometimes she talks to herself, recounting her many "adventures" to her entourage of stuffed animals and imaginary friends.

Now it's s' turn. Her crying has definitely been shorter in length but it seems a little more pathetic to me. While g's was loud and angry, s seems to be wondering why we are doing this to her. That is partially why I hate doing this alone. My resolve to go through with it gets tested every night. Having someone else there makes the decision easier. Hence the inconsistencies persist. I have resolved though that there will be no more deviation, because that just prolongs this process needlessly.

Her sleep has gotten a lot better since I have been a little more consistent. More needs to be done though in that regard. I only wish that the next I report on this will be a post to say that s has slept easily and quietly through the night.

(By the way, technically s does sleep through the night because the technical definition of sleeping through the night for babies is 5 hours straight. Personally I would like to gather up all the moms and dads of kids who only sleep 5 hours to collectively paddle the one who came up with this definition.)

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The He Family Blog said...

Can't imagine how you manage to toilet train g at the same time you are training s to sleep. But knowing you, they will be accomplished.