Tuesday, May 08, 2007


We started s on solids this weekend, a few days shy of her 6 month mark. She is actually 6 months today (Happy Birthday, s!). She is loving the rice cereal which I had given her with much hesitation. g didn't particularly like rice cereal. We switched to real mush food within a day or 2 and threw out the rest of the box. I was not in the mood to spend money no matter how little on something that will be thrown away. Proving once again how different she is from her sister, s downed the rice cereal and on the second day, cried demanding for more.

We went to a playdate this past weekend and saw JW's baby girl. s was really only that age 4 months ago and yet it seems like it has been ages ago. I look at my digital frame and in my photo selection is one of her during a christmas party. She was only 2 months then. She looked like a shrimp. She is such a chunky monkey now.

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