Friday, April 11, 2008

Songs to remember

It's G again. I've been meaning to post this info for a while but I keep forgetting whenever I'm in front of a computer. For a while now I've been singing songs to put both s and g to sleep.

For g, of all the songs I sang to her she seemed to settle down on just two. And I've been singing these to her for over the last year now.
- Under the Boardwalk by the Drifters
- Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude by Jimmy Buffett

For s, since she has no say, I just arbitrarily chose a couple of songs to sing to her while I initiate her sleep routine. Somewhere around 6 months ago as she was about 1, I started singing her these songs.
- My Way by Frank Sinatra
- Carolina in My Mind by James Taylor

Maybe when s gets older she'll protest and ask me to sing more modern songs. But for anyone looking for song suggestions for their kids, you should consider the above.

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