Monday, July 07, 2008


The Family C has just returned from a wonderful trip to Boston, MA. We went there for the 4th of July fireworks. g has always liked fireworks. We set out early Saturday morning, hoping to arrive in Boston around 1:00 pm.

With Gmom in tow, we set off more or less on schedule. Almost as soon as the car started, Gmom proceeded to serve up a variety of snacks. Most surprisingly, after an hour or so of snacks, g & s fell asleep at 10:30 AM. I can't remember the last time these kids went to sleep that early but they both did.

Upon arriving in Boston at noon (a whole hour earlier than my expectation. Thanks, Tom tom), we were primed for some of that famous New England seafood. Our first stop was the Barking Crab Restaurant.

Our rating - too much for too little

We had asked about their crab bowl. It's basically 4 lbs of different types of crab "clusters" (not sure what a crab cluster is.) I think there should be snow crab, dungeness crabs and king crabs. All this for the "bargain" price of $80. Hmmm....No. So instead of the crab bowl, we got 3 appetizers, 4 sides and a kid's meal. Our total ended up being $80 anyway which is the irony. The food was ok though not worth $80. It's a shack albeit a glorified one. We had the steamed mussels, calamari and crab cakes. For sides, we had 2 orders of jasmine rice, green beans and bok choy with shitake mushrooms. The portions were really small. Flavorwise, well, it's nothing to write up. I'll leave it at that.

Next stop, Boston Children's Museum

This was not part of the original plan but since we saw a sign for it at the Barking crab, I thought, "why not?" The kids were rested and we needed something low key to do before the fireworks tonight. So we went and it turned out to be one of the best children's museum I have gone to.

It had a ton of things to do. There were the usual animal displays, bubbles, water area and oversized climbing structures. I also liked that there were cultural displays as well. They had a recreation of a traditional Japanese house. A new exhibit for the rest of the year is about Hangzhou, China. There was a recreation of a typical Chinese kitchen (funny, looks a lot like mine - complete with oyster sauce, wok and steamer). There was a video class on working an abacus. There was also a water wall where kids should be trying Chinese calligraphy (ie excuse for kids to play with water and a brush). Costumes and a small stage for a Chinese opera was also available for play. I would post a particularly incriminating photo but for the sake of the marriage, I won't.

The most fun was a "photo souvenir booth" where there was a background set and camera hooked up to the internet and pc. You take the picture, enter your email address and voila!!!

In summary, Love it.

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