Tuesday, July 01, 2008

g says the darnest things #251

The back story - The Family C finally got a new set of wheels. It was long overdue considering all the mechanical difficulties that poor civic had and about $1500 in repairs due. One major repair was air conditioning. The AC stopped working months ago. So while driving to a playdate, g and I were talking about the new car. She mentioned she wanted to show her friend, a, her new big car. She also said that a had a small car while she had a big car. Not wanting to make her feel that somehow having a big car was any better than a small car, I explained that our small car's AC had broken down and that is why we needed to get the bigger car. That some people did not want or need a bigger car.

Fast forward to actual story....

G was doing brain quest with g. In one picture, she was asked to identify what was missing from the image. The image was of a car interior with no steering wheel.

So G asked, "what's missing, g?"

g responds, "the car has no air conditioning."


EY said...

congrats on your new toy! i'm sure the AC came into good use over the weekend. hope you're enjoying the new wheels!

the author of this blog said...

the whole family did enjoy the AC. LOVE IT!!!