Monday, September 29, 2008


A post from dad...g has lately become somewhat of a crybaby. The slightest touch or disapproval from anyone would send her into tears. The situation is no different in response to her little sister, s. The situation between my two girls can turn ugly fast. One second they're playing and the next second g is in tears.

While i was busy preparing dinner tonight, the kids were engaged in their typical roughhousing. All of a sudden g comes running to me in the kitchen crying that her little sister just kicked her. In an effort to empower her to be more independent and less of a crybaby, F and me are trying to let g decide what she can do in response to things that upset her. I asked g to calmly stop crying and to think about what she wanted to do. She paused for just a moment and then ran back to the living room and confronted her little sister. With her index finger pointed and wagging at little s, g yelled at her and said "s, no kicking!" Ordinarily s would slink back to a corner because she knew she did something wrong or just stand there and stare coyly, but today after hearing her sister yell at her, she stuck out her little index finger, stared squarely into her older sister's eyes and said in perfect english "no crying!" That upset g even more and she yelled even louder "no kicking" to which s replied "no crying." The yelling and finger wagging went back and forth for a bit more before i broke it up. g was in tears and s evolved from yelling "no crying" to "no kicking."

Today is the first time i saw s verbally stick up for herself. I fear the tyrant brewing inside of her.

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