Sunday, October 19, 2014

Grounds for sculpture

We've been planning this trip for a few weeks when summer was coming to an end.   This place is a perfect low impact fall activity.   We had hoped to pair it with some Apple picking ( and some warm cider donuts).  Then the accident happened and plans have to change.  That doesn't mean however that we cannot move forward.
Today's weather was perfect.   The sky clear and the sun shining.   We decided this time around to take the guided tour.   Our guide was a lovely lady named Elaine.   I'm glad we did it.  She brought us to a lot of familiar pieces and explained technique, significance and some gossip.  What's art, if not for a little scandal and drama?!  I began to see those sculptures in a new light , seeing intricacies that I may have glossed over.
The wheelchair held us back in a few spots but we were in the for the most part.   There were times though that I could feel s feeling left out.   She is typically the shortest in the crowd but sitting in the chair makes it even more so.  Her bonus though is her proximity to the peacocks.   Elaine had told us they were nasty.  The kids remain undeterred.
GFS is running a retrospective on Seward Johnson.  Admittedly I didn't know who he was until today.   I love the whimsical touches of his sculpture all over the park, irreverent at times due to the juxtaposition with other pieces in proximity.    His sense of humor is evident in the details within many pieces.   Yet he has pieces like King Lear who betrayed an expression deep in grave thought.   It was fascinating.
The kids enjoyed it.   I'm also glad that both kids asked to bring a camera.   These are some of their highlights.  Photo credit goes to  g.

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