Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The C word

I felt that it would go this way but I remained hopeful.  She,  a good friend, told me that they found a lump during a routine overdue physical.   Her doctor was angry, "why did she wait?   Didn't you feel it? "
She didn't.   Like most,  she didn't do the monthly feel-up.   Like most,  she is a young mother.  like every woman.  
It is another lesson on this curriculum of fleeting time.  It was also seeing a side of myself in her reactions.  She has started a dangerous path of hiding behind her work and finding solace in busyness.  
Her husband fell apart at the news.  The cancer is small and is in its early stages, very treatable.   Hopeful.   He broke down and cried.   She stood by,  feeling more alone.  In tactical mode,  she has arranged their lives for the foreseeable future.   Treatment starts on this date.  Birthday party is booked.  Thanksgiving hosts decided.  Tactical or perhaps controllable.
As she walks this journey, she'll have family and she'll have friends.  But she will only have the people she let in. 

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