Thursday, October 12, 2006

A click must have occurred

We have been trying to teach g numbers, colors and alphabet in the last few weeks. Actually we have been trying to teach her colors for a WHILE now but it doesn't seem to be something she grasped. Often she would call things a certain color and it is usually right but when pressed with the same object, she will change her mind and assign another color. That sounded more like guesswork to me. Oh well... I figured she is probably going to be a late bloomer.

Today while she was reading her brown bear book, she recited all the different colored animals by the correct names. Now that could be repetition but who knows...right? OK, so I won't be dialing Mensa anytime soon, but I think she has turned a corner in her language and cognitive skills. It is really gratifying to see that all that reading to her is finally clicking.

She is definitely getting better with her Cantonese. She is actually speaking more in Cantonese although she still sounds like me trying to speak Cantonese (which is pretty horrendous actually). Well, at least she is usually understood now when she speaks in Cantonese.

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