Thursday, October 05, 2006

New York Downtown Hospitals - a review

I know it seems pretty odd to be reviewing a hospital but I need to vent.

A little history

I delivered g at New York Presbyterian and had a great experience. My OB was excellent albeit he quit at my 7th month of pregnancy. My OB after that was the head of the department. He was thorough and competent but our personalities just didn't click. The hospital was massive and clean. They had a team of lactation consultants on site that ran classes on breastfeeding and childcare 2 or 3 times a day during the weekday. They also have a continuing education center for anyone with breastfeeding problems later on. The labor and delivery rooms were clean and big. The postpartum rooms were nice and had a shower in each room.

CONS - Since it is pretty popular practice, it is really hard to get an appt. When I did get an appointment, I am usually waiting for at least 20 minutes before I am even seen by the doctor. The location was also at the other end of the universe for me. At the time, I worked in midtown west. The hospital is located at eastern most end of Manhattan uptown. It took me about 20 minute to get there, calculating the office wait time of 20 minutes, the actual visit, etc. Every doctor visit entailed me taking half the day off.

So this time around, I thought practicality should rule the day. I now work downtown and would have to travel close to an hour if I were to go to the Upper East side. It didn't make much sense especially in the latter part of the pregnancy when I would have to visit the doctor weekly. I chose New York Downtown Hospital.

here goes...
The doctor - Not that I ever thought that my old doctor would be awake all night thinking about me, but my current doctor seem to really only care about getting me out of there asap. She does the bare minimum of care and gets me out of there. To this day, she has not decided when my actual due date will be. (I have decided it'll be 11/25 which is one of the dates that are in contention)

I have had a grand total of 2 ultrasounds since I got pregnant. With old doctor, I had one everytime I showed up.

The hospital - can I just say UGHHH!!! or YUCKS!!! That probably sums it up. I had a "hospital tour" and it lasted about 10 minutes. L&D rooms were ok until the nurse told me that sometimes when they are busy, they would "double-up". HUH?!!! Yes, they would wheel in another bed to have another woman labor beside me. I know non-moms would wonder...what's the big deal? Think of the worst (and most painful) constipation you will ever have in your life and having a share the bathroom with another person who is having the worst constipation of her life.

The rooms are dark and dingy. The whole wing looked dingy. It was a throwback to the 70s which is probably the last time anyone put a fresh layer of paint on this place. The rooms were also really small and there is one communal shower to be shared by all. GREAT!

(deep breath) I know this event is only a small part of my baby's life and will quickly be forgotten. For those who are considering a hospital in NYC, keep this post in mind.



It's true what you say about NY Downtown. Considering it's the closest one to Wall St and the high-faluting Battery Park City, it's surprisingly dilapidated for its community. How about going to Beth Isreal instead?

a's mommy said...

I've never been to NY Downtown, but I have heard good things about Beth Israel. I have to commend you for being so practical and changing your OB/hospital to one that is closer in proximity to you. If you do decide to keep your present OB, you make a great point--that there is comfort in knowing that labor is just one day in a lifetime spent with your special little baby. Wishing you the best in your delivery and looking forward to meeting the newest member of the family C!