Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The resolution

We had decided to fire the nanny that same night (Monday) when I saw the video. We called G's mom for a consult a to how best to handle the situation. There is a slightly delicate situation of this lady being a friend of G's aunt. So it was decided that Gmom would come in and take care of g until we can find someone else or when I go on maternity leave.

An addendum:

By sheer coincidence, the day that Gmom came in to fire the nanny, she took g to the playground. There she saw a chinese woman. She casually asked if she knew anyone who would be interested in caring for a child. The woman said that indeed she did. The phonelines started burning. I was on my way to work then. I was already running a little late because I didn't want to leave g with the nanny for another minute, so I stayed behind to wait for Gmom to arrive. I got the call from G that we were meeting the prospective nanny by the train station. So off I went to train station. Admittedly my guard was up and I was going to be a little hard to impress. She seemed like a nice enough person. The big hitch is that she only spoke Mandarin. G only spoke Cantonese. Gmom only spoke marginal Mandarin. So it is definitely going to be interesting to say the least. I was also slightly impressed with the new nanny that in that first meeting, she tried more than a few times to get g to look at her. She even gave g a kiss on the cheek and tried to carry her. That is more than the other nanny did in the 2 months that she was here. We'll have to see.

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jac said...

Nov 9, Thurs, 7:12 pm

I've read your nanny saga. its really sad what she does to g. I feel sorry for your situation. I feel like I wanna lend you the children's nanny so g can trully be in good hands. The more I wanna fast track my longing to work in the states, of course with irwin, with the children and the nanny, but of course thats hard to do at the moment... more pa, a new baby to come. I know how it feels. But the good side of it, you'll spend more time with g and the new baby. (any name yet?)