Thursday, November 30, 2006


This is one of the first shots of the sisters. It's always been hard to get g to pose in one position long enough for a good picture. It's gotten even more difficult to get both of them in the same shot. g has been very good to little s. If anything, we worry really about her persistent desire to pick her up, give her a huge hug or straddling her for a big kiss. It must be hard for her to understand why she couldn't just throw herself on top of her little sister as she does with me or G.
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Anonymous said...

So Cute!!!
K & E


More pics! More pics! How about doing a rice bag/soda can comparison?? Like:

theFamilyC said...

cool idea, Auntie K.

Kam said...

Lovely pics! on a separate blog note, it sure must be tough to say 'no.' too bad my mom still can't stop doing that to me, even at age 31!!! :(