Thursday, November 16, 2006

What's in a name

This will definitely be one of the oft asked why s?

well, we should start first at the very beginning. So why g became g?

g - I chose the name because of an early fascination with Oscar Wilde. In college, I had begun to become interested in acting and met a few actors in school. I was really impressed with one of the actresses not only for her talent, but for her wit, intelligence, funny, funky and "i-am-my-own-person" attitude. So impressed that I always remembered her performance in the role of the Lady g in "The Importance of Being Earnest."

h (g's middle name) - G chose this one for the song not really for the comet. It was featured in a song by Mary Chapin Carpenter, "H comes to Jackson". For those who are really interested, you can hear a sneak preview here -

s - No, she is not named for the tv character nor for the city that auntie K lives in. This came about when one night we were watching "America's Got Talent" G took a liking to a pint-sized,8 year old stand-up comedian, "s the kid". She was an ok comedian and didn't make it past the 2nd round. Kids should stay in school anyway.

e - Absolutely no idea where I got this from. Anyone who has any clue, email me.

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Aw. Cute s story. She would always remind me of this great s experience. e is visiting me in 3 weeks. Who's next???