Saturday, December 22, 2007

g on the cell

Overheard today. g had recently memorized our home phone number. Today she was playing on an old cell phone. She was talking and reciting our home phone number. I asked her who she was talking to. She said that she was telling A (P & K's son) her phone number. Then she proceeded to babble as if carrying on a real conversation.

Her dad from across the hallway called out to her. He pretended to be calling her on the cell phone, saying "hello, g. How are you?" g looked at him incredulously and says, "why are you calling me? I am right here."

Later on, g showed me her "notes". She was "writing" out our phone number for A.


KM said...

Oh, that's who A was talking to the other night!

theFamilyC said...

Might be. Thankfully, it's a cell and I don't have to worry about long distance but the peak charges are going to be killer.