Sunday, December 09, 2007

s' Christening


It was another sad comedy at the Christening. It is supposed to be a deeper and more meaningful event than it turned out. However I guess it was not surprising because the same person made the same crazy mistakes when g was christened.

Before the ceremony began, we spoke briefly as we waited for some other kids to show up. There were only two families there at the time (mine included). He was from the Philippines so he asked the same basic questions (ie where are you from? where's your family from? how long have you been here? where is your accent?) He was nice enough. After a few more minutes of waiting, he decided to begin.

He began the prayers asking the Lord to watch over Cindy and Julian (the other child there to be baptized). No, s's name is not Cindy. I chuckled and he probably saw it and quickly corrected himself. However as he proceeded with prayers, he constantly interchanged Cindy and s throughout.

During the actual annointing with oil, he called s "julia". HUH??????

Finally we came to the final prayers. He asked the small congregation to welcome new Christians, Julian and Sylvia (again, not s's name). ::::eyes rolling::::

Just as an aside, Julian (the other kid) was raising a holy ruckus during the whole thing, running around the church and throwing tantrums. That might excuse him a little but only a little.

It turned out to be really funny and entertaining for the non-christians. It is sad though that her initiation into the church will be remembered more for doubts on a deacon's sobriety and/or his inability to remember a simple name.
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