Monday, December 24, 2007

It's just pretend (g says the darnest things...the series)

Today we wrapped Christmas presents for Gmom. g helped by tearing pieces of tape. s helped by keeping out of the way and not tearing any wrapping paper. We finished the roll of wrapping paper leaving only the paper center roll. The kids latched on to their new toy. It was first a megaphone (daddy's idea, I think). Then a club. So they were gently bobbing each other on the head.

g used it for balance as she walked on her "balsam beam" (balance beam). This went on, hours of fun from a paper roll.

I was cooking when g put on an old straw hat and put the paper roll between her legs. She proclaimed herself a girl cowboy and started calling her dad a buckaroo. She said that the roll was her horse. She took a liking to a hobby horse that she saw at a toy store recently and this might also have something to do with repeated viewing of Elmo's Wild Wild West.

Her dad responded, "well, where's your horse's eyes?" To which, g replied, "daddy, it's just pretend."

OK, g, I think he got it now.

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