Friday, March 28, 2008

Kai Lan - hmmmm

Personally, the jury is still out on Kai Lan. Now who is she? Why, she's the Chinese Dora and g's new love.

I found her purely by accident one morning and I was struck that she was using some mandarin words. So I allowed little g to watch. s showed some enthusiasm for it as well. Thus far, I don't find it her annoying yet. (That qualifies as a "good" rating as far as kiddie shows are concerned). I like that she pronounces the Chinese words properly rather than it being Anglicized (though depending on the context, pronunciation of her name is typically Anglicized which makes the "lan" in Kai Lan sound like land without the ending d sound.

I do find it odd though that she seems to only live with her grandfather. Where's her parents (maybe working in the city)?

Another request for improvement is the musical quality of the show. They use the same melody for every song in every episode. At times, it is obvious that they are just trying to get the words to fit the number of notes.

On the whole, I like Kai Lan. g is besotted. I reminded g that she was Wai Lan (her chinese name). After that little tidbit, I tied her hair up "kai lan" style and tuned in to an episode where Rintoo once again has a tantrum, quite a temperamental tiger he is.

For more Kai Lan info, there's this NYTIMES article.

There's also a mess of them already on YouTube.

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