Monday, March 24, 2008

Shyness - nature or nurture?

This is a surprise. I have seen it for a while but I am still amazed at how shy little g is. At home, she is a rambunctious, playful and all-around nutty little girl. Outside and in public (this could be a "public" of one other person, she retreats into her little shell. This was something that was apparent since her first birthday. At the time I had thought that maybe in time she will just grow out of it. She has not.

It is most evident when we take her to her gym for a regularly scheduled class. She has been coming to this same location for the last year and a half. Granted that in that time, she has been through many classes and many different instructors, but on a whole, she sees the same people.

Every week without fail, when we bring her to the class, she will spend the first 10-20 minute clutching my or her dad's leg. She will insist that we sit beside her in the classroom. This also happened with her dance class last year but she grew out of it when two-thirds of her semester was over. So I thought that since she sort of "got over it" that last time, this time will be cinch. Not so.

I have done everything I have thought of to gently nurture a more independent spirit but she still remains really closed and slow-to-trust.

How does a parent encourage a more forward child?

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