Monday, March 17, 2008

The Solo Flight

Last Saturday, in a fit of bravery, I decided that since G was still sound asleep, I would take the kids out alone. I think this is the first ever substantial outing of its kind. I might have taken them out on a short walk or maybe a drive to our local Targay but this time we went to the MALL.

It was a spur of the moment decision really and was not meant to have monumental implications. As all things monumental, it started with a relatively small idea. Typically our Saturday morning consists of waiting for G to wake up. This Saturday, the sun was shining and I was so over this winter-freezing thing. So I thought, "how about a jaunt to Targay?" g was amenable. She likes going there. s just liked being out. I checked the time and realize that if I had gone out that very minute, I would not make it back to prepare lunch. Well, then we'll have lunch there. Seems reasonable.

I packed some diapers and juices. In my walk to the car, I realized that Target was pretty horrible as far as food choices. The thought of having to pack the kids back in the car to go to another place for food really tired me out.

I decided on the mall. It turned out to be brilliant. I went there early in the morning before the typically mall rats would get there. We walked around and window shopped mainly. We ate at the food court. Lastly we checked out the pet store. the kids loved looking at animals though s seemed really nervous about getting up close to it.

So it is brand new day. I am excited that it actually opens up Saturday mornings for short field trips (other than the mall). Anyone want to playdate?

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