Monday, July 17, 2006

g's all better now

what a tough day for all of us yesterday. I had planned to spend the day with g in NYC yesterday while her mom was at work on a Sunday. It was a bit hot..but still would have been nice. First thing in the morning we decided to go out to Chinatown for some dimsum. We're encouraging g to walk more on her own these days now that she's older but the little kid is just lazy sometimes and just wants to be carried.We ended up holding her hand on each side. I grabbed onto g right hand while her mom took the left. She took a few steps but then started to whine and thrash about asking to be carried. As the trashing escalated her fake tears and cries became very real. She started to go ballistic. That was the first sign something was wrong. And then all throughout dimsum she refused to be put down by her mom. that's when I first thought maybe I sprained her arm as she was thrashing. It was bad when she stopped moving her right arm. The doctor told us to keep it under observation. It was a good thing that she was not swollen or bruised. It was most likely a sprain. I felt really bad though.

With the new developments I didn't want to venture around the city with her. Instead we went home after we dropped her mom at work. At home getting her to sleep was really difficult. She kept point at her right elbow and saying "It hurts." I felt so bad for her. I tried everything to console her and get her to sleep. IT was only after 45 minutes taht she fell asleep. Even asleep though I think it was not a good sleep. g usually moves around a lot during her sleep, but everytime she did yesterday it would cause her to wake up when she rolled onto her right side. Luckily she did get a 2 hour nap and when she woke up she was still not her full self. I feed her because I saw she was having difficulties feeding herself with her left arm.

Instead of bathing her I gave her a wipe down. I thought she had been traumatized enough. However when I went to put on her long sleeve onesie she screamed out in pain again. I tried to be as gentle as possible with her right arm but I guess it wasn't delicate enough. I felt so bad about the whole experience. With her mom back now we decided to give her some Ibuprofen and a rub of some Chinese Scotch to help work out the pain. It's a secret recipe of roots and Johnny walker that works well for bruises and sprains when I was a kid. She hated all the rubbing but eventually calmed down.

We awoke this morning to a crying Gwen. Her right arm was still limping at her side. We had decided to take her to the doctor since this was much worse than we had imagined. We had to get g out of her night clothes and it was going to be a delicate situation again. Together g's mom and I worked to get her undressed. As g's mom slinked her right arm out of the long sleeve onsie, there was a pop sound. g cried out hysterically but her mom consoled her. As the crying subsided, we put g down so that she could run about. The most impressive thing was that she started to play by herself with both arms. Her mom had popped her elbow back into place. g was back to herr old self and all it took was a tight fitting onesie to fix it.

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