Friday, July 07, 2006

The stuff of legend....

Ok...this is what g is going to be embarrassed about for the rest of her life. It's going to be one of those stories that has already started making rounds.

g's daycare had a "field trip" to McDonalds last Friday. Yes...I know who does a field trip to McD, but what can I do? When we first heard about the "trip", we were worried that g wouldn't be able to eat anything there. She has never really been to a McDonalds. I think the last place of that kind that she had been to was Burger King, but even then G and I ate the burgers while she had baby food. She has had fries before and I have introduced chicken sticks, but her daily meals have always consisted of a vegetable primarily, some starch and the little bit of chicken bits I can sneak into her vegetable as she would tolerate. G even frankly asked the director about what g would eat there. The director didn't seem to be much concerned, indicating that g has had some daycare food (which might be more closely aligned with the McD menu). So on that day we packed her off with a mini-lunch just in case she starves at McDonald and hoped for the best.

I picked her up that afternoon and got the full report. g LOVED it! Yup, she was lovin' it. Her teacher told me that not only did she eat her full share of chicken mcnuggets and juice. She loved it so much that she started taking food from other kids. No, she didn't wrestle them to the ground for it. The other kids at her table were apparently distracted probably by talking and horse-playing that she just conveniently took from the plates of kids who weren't looking. Wow...I guess I didn't realize how we have been depriving her.

other daycare comments

The teacher also took the opportunity to tell me a couple of other things about the little girl. Her first few weeks at the daycare were really quiet for her. She never really spoke to anyone, preferring to sit in front of the tv and watch Mahrney. The first words she ever spoke at the daycare (the same words that made the people there realize that she wasn't mute) was "That MINE!!!!" (in caps to reflect the volume demonstrated by the teacher) I did tell the teacher though that those words were not in fact her first. She has been speaking for quite a while now and I think officially her first words (the one that she spoke and understood perfectly) was "UP."

g has been upgraded to sit with the bigger kids at the regular dining table and not the special toddler/infant table with the seats molded into the table. The teacher said that they did it because she wanted to sit with the big kids and could feed herself already. That is one thing I have noticed is that g really prefers to hang around with big kids. When our friends visited with their kids, she loved playing with them. Babies, she doesn't quite understand yet.

My own cute little factoid....warning, may make non-parents roll their eyes.

g had gotten it into her head that she no longer needed a sippy cup or straws to drink. She had insisted drinking her "juice' (all liquids other than milk) in our regular cups...thankfully, we switched to plastic years ago. Her new favorite thing is drinking from a water bottle. We had been taking her hiking quite a bit recently, so she must have noticed all the adults drinking from it. Initially we were sharing our bottles with her, but she is all backwash. I know she's my daughter and all, but blech.... Now she drinks from her own bottle. I have bought her little 8 oz water bottles and she seems perfectly happy with that....for now.

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