Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cabin Fever!!!


Today turned out to be an awesome day for the family c. Although the day didn't start off as desired, s was awake on and off from 3:00 AM. All I could think of was the report that I still had to finish and the burning need to have a little fun. All I could think of as the clock finally touched 8:30 AM and I have barely slept was that I needed coffee and lots of it...the never-ending coffee pot at IHOP. So I dragged myself out of bed, woke up my percoset-laden husband and told him that we are going to IHOP. Dressed, pumped and ready to go, we pulled up to IHOP around 9:30 AM and the parking lot was full. I thought that for sure we would be there earlier than the church crowd which usually dawdled in around 10:30-11:00. Apparently these are the sinners who were pulling in before the crowd that I was hoping to avoid. Happily we were still able to secure both a space in the lot and inside the restaurant.

G, g and I enjoyed a meal of pancakes, eggs and greasy mystery meat. Off to do some shopping.

In the afternoon, we were slated to the go to Hoboken Cabin Fever Festival. It turned out to be fabulous party. Lots of people with kids. The Elks lodge was full to brim and their whole facade was littered with parked strollers. g had a ball despite missing her nap. She got a fire fighter helmet and a balloon. She got her picture taken in the polaroid booth. s and I were taking some baby yoga. s found the moves quite simple since she touches her nose with her toes with typical baby ease. The yoga class would have probably set me back $20. I am glad it was free today.

The crowning moment of the trip was g's first balloon hat. I did line up for about 30 minutes to get one and when the balloon artist handed it to her, she ran and hid between her daddy's leg, but seeing her dancing in a cooky pink and green flower balloon hat was priceless.

Heard they do this every year too. Sign me up!

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a's mommy said...

That is a very cute picture of g. It almost looks like she's posing for an album cover of "Stop! In the Name of Love". Hey if you are ever in the Bridgewater area, and g is still fond of balloon hats, you guys might want to stop at Fuddruckers. They have a kids' section on the left side of the restaurant and there's usually a clown that makes all sorts of animal shapes and hats with balloons... and the food's not bad either. a's favorite spot there is the table near the circular fireplace. Not sure if all locations have clowns and balloons, but maybe there's a branch closer to you.