Monday, February 05, 2007

Poor g


g got an accidental hit from a ski goggle last Saturday. She cried a little but survived. G thinks we are going to get in trouble with Gmom for "letting" this happen. Oh well...
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An Addendum:
Maybe that's why kids don't make the best, g was telling him about her many hurts. She fell running around yesterday. So she was telling me about that. She then switched to how she hurt her eye. In her words, "hurt eye. JK did it." Now, JK has already left when that happened. Amazingly it's the first time also that she has ever referred to any of her dad's friends by their names. Regretfully in this instance, it's to wrongly accuse an innocent man.



"ski goggle"???!!! Is g skiing already??!!! Boy are kids advanced these days!

Anonymous said...

nope he's not skiing. We had a bunch of friends and their kids over this weekend. One of our other guests was LH, who traveled across country with KC two years ago. He was talking to fellow CFP member KWW about something or another while rocking a pair of ski goggles in his hand. g was roaming around the living room and kitchen and walked into the path of the swinging goggles.