Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Parents ...they crack me up!

This could very well be the title of g's favorite new game. I think everyone knows the tower of babel that is the c household. There is no one common language that everyone (family members and caregivers) speak. The one common thread though is g and she is having a blast. Added to this, she still has the typical toddler "mispronunciation" for English, Mandarin and Cantonese. This results in rib-tickling fun for my toddler.

In the good ole days (when there were only 2 languages spoken in our house), g would say something and if it does not sound like English, I would ask G to translate. Nowadays it could be a mispronunciation/variation of the three that she speaks. She gets a kick out of her parents scratching their heads trying to understand her and would usually crack up laughing. She had also begun to add "baby talk" to the roster.

Kidding aside...I do have to start watching a new "bad" habit emerging...CHINGLISH. She has begun to mix languages especially when she is talking to me or her dad. She would say, "look, so many woo-teeps (butterfly, Cantonese)" or "I want to go kai-kai (go out, cantonese)". However I have to say that she doesn't do that with Gmom (who only speaks to her in Cantonese or her nanny (who only understands Mandarin). It is funny though that her Cantonese tends to sound like a middle aged Chinese woman's manner of speaking. She sprinkles her sentences with "AI-YAA".



Request of g saying "AI YAA" please!

theFamilyC said...

We'll try. That only happens when Gmom is around. She also tends to imitate everything Gmom says. Next week...