Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Rearing its ugly head

I was hoping that we had escaped the whole jealousy issue with g. She had been very good with s, always wanting to help. She is also very affectionate. However I am beginning to notice little things that might be a precursor to trouble ahead. Last weekend in the midst of play, g took her boppy pillow and put it around my waist. Till now she had always used her boppy as a regular pillow. Since we stopped breastfeeding years ago, I don't think she had a memory of it being used as a nursing tool. This time though she had placed her boppy on my waist and position herself as if to nurse. I know she has seen me do this for s and she had been imitating me, feeding her dolls with bottles or from her "chest". This is the first time that she took the position of baby rather than mommy.

I also noticed that she is starting to imitate s's "speech" which consists largely of grunts and noises.

Today after I had put s to sleep, g took her boppy again and asked to be put to sleep on the couch while she "grunted". I am not sure how to handle this now. I tried going the route of telling her that she is big girl now and s is just a baby. s grunts because she doesn't know how to talk yet, etc, etc. I don't know if that got through to her though.

Anyone out there with any suggestions?


jac said...

i had the same feeling before with cj and phyllis (as you know how near is their gap). i just have to keep on telling cj, make him understand that he is the ahia that he should not be jealous of shobe.
I think that g is used to being the center of attention; and with s coming, the attention has lessened. Me and Irwin think that you do things that she likes doing maybe singing, reading stories, playing, making her feel the "star" while s being like the "little audience" and I think it'll work both ways pa. The most important is to keep on telling her that she's a big girl na.

theFamilyC said...

Thanks, jac I have been trying to do that with g. It's hard though because with a baby really just require a lot more attention that a toddler. She has always been very good though with s, helping with putting the baby to sleep or changing diapers. She even deals well with s crying all the time.

I'll try that out. She does love to sing, so maybe that'll help.