Sunday, December 31, 2006

Our Champion Sleeper?

Some will say that we are extremely lucky. s sleeps very well. During the day, all she would really need is a decent feeding and she is out like a light. So deep is her sleep that a herd of tap-dancing elephants couldn't wake her. Yes, lucky if we were lions or some other nocturnal hunters who have a preference for sleeping during the day.

Our dear little s sleeps so well during the day that she prefers to party during the wee morning hours. Not early evening even. She loves to be awake between the hours of 2-6 am. We do manage to get her to sleep during those hours but her sleep would be so light that she would wake if I had a loud thought.

Initially I had thought that she just needed to eat every 3 hours. I did an experiment yesterday and realized that during the day she could go almost 5 hours without eating if left to her own schedule. Now that my return to work date is fast approaching, some extreme measures need to be taken.

It is going to be painful for a few days but the plan will be to wake her in 2 hour increments for the next few days for a feeding and for "forced" play. Sounds pretty harsh, doesn't it? But something's got to give.

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