Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Vietnamese pork chops (, wings)

There is a Vietnamese restaurant around the corner from where I live. It's one of those down home places that one expects to find hidden in a Chinatown somewhere, but lo and behold, it's found its way my neighborhood. One of favorite dishes is pho with grilled pork chops or chicken breast. I had a craving the other week and decided to surf the web for a recipe and found this one

I decided to use chicken wings instead of the traditional pork chops or chicken breast since g loves to chomp on them and usually wouldn't touch white meat.

F comment:
Pretty good. There is a little something missing though. Perhaps the MSG which I don't have. It's pretty close to the taste of the restaurant. g ate an average of 4 pieces at every meal until we ran out.


a's mommy said...

The photos look so mouth-watering! Looks as delicious as tocino, but lighter. You guys are so lucky to live in an urban area where restaurants are just a short walk away. Today I wanted Chinese noodle soup, but the closest place with somewhat authentic noodle soup is a 30 min drive from us. So I packed up "a" with his food and snacks for the hour-long roundtrip trek. Fortunately, he behaved nicely in the car and fell asleep on our way home.

Looking forward to seeing you guys this weekend!

jac said...

It looks delicious; seems easy to prepare too. Maybe some of these days, ill try it out. I wonder who will eat it lang... hmmmm... Maybe I can let irwin try it first. hahaha!!!

Alyssa misses g. when she saw g's video, she and koko were surprised of how much she'd grown and then she started telling stories of her times with g... haaay..

By the way, irwin loaded new videos. you can check it out..