Thursday, June 22, 2006

The BIG ultrasound

I had the big ultrasound today. For those who have not experienced pregnancy before, the big ultrasound refers to the screening that determines the gender of the baby.

Drum roll, please......

The new member of theFamilyC is a GIRL.

I have to say that I was secretly hoping for a boy, so I would be the proud momma of a boy-and-girl set. When I told G this, he said, "well, we can try for another one." The memory of the nausea, extreme exhaustion and aches of the first trimester just came rushing back to me. I promptly said, "Ah...thanks, but no thanks!" I may not have one of each but I will be so thrilled that I get to play dress-up with two girls instead of one. Of course G is feeling a little overwhelmed with estrogen right now.

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Congratulations!!! Would this be an "f"?