Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Grandma & g outfit

I have never thought that I would ever try to do this, but I guess I really didn't have to do it myself. Grandma is a seamstress and can often whip something up in a few hours. In this case, she came over one day with a matching top-and-pant combo. It's hilarious in a scary kind of way and should be documented diligently for this is an item that can be put into g's future wedding video (if they have such things in the far future.

On the plus side, the outfit is nice and light. So it is perfect for the summer.

Here's g in her new outfit. We were distracting her with her new block set, so that we can get her to stay in one place. It worked for quite a while. She really loved the block set which is a surprise since I tried other blocks before.

Here's grandma trying to fix a minor wardrobe malfunction. The first iterration of the outfit was too small to fit around g's head, so grandma did the adjustment over the weekend. Now it's a little too loose. Nothing that a safety pin can't fix though.

This is the official shot....

Another one...this time outdoors with a phone camera.

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Boy. What's happened to g's baby fat? More maccars (that's McD's food!)!!!