Friday, June 09, 2006

To be or not to be....

I read this article today from the Village Voice about a 5 year old boy who feels that he should be a girl and would like to live/go to school as a girl . It is inevitable for my mommy brain to start swirling around this. What if's abound. The mom in the story complained about how lost she sometimes feels when it comes to trying to parent a transgender child. It is true that despite all the new information that is out there about parenting from sleep, diet, environment, milestone, toys, there really isn't much information about raising a child that is different from the mainstream. I feel for this mother who despite living in the age of information has to fly blind. I don't think I would know what to do if thrust into this situation. g is just shy of her 2nd birthday. What would I do if she starts wanting to be boy in another year or so, which is when little "Nicole" began to emerge? I had hoped that I would have at least 10 years (hell, 30 years) before I have to deal with questions of orientation and sexuality.

I have always seen myself to be a very open person. Honestly though I can't help but want my daughter to be "normal". I think growing up in this society is difficult enough. Navigating through bullies, underachieving schools, teachers looking for a date is challenging enough. To add to this madness would be coping with homophobia.


Given the age of the little kid though, would I really allow him/her to do as he/she wants? Is he/she able to make this kind of a life-choice? Nicole might not be aware of what's ahead of her, but I have to give props to her parents for being aware of the consequences of letting her be the person she thinks she is and are brave enough to stand against the tide that is coming. Oh and it is coming.

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