Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's over

Maybe it's a phase. Maybe it's the cold that she has been nursing for the last few days. My mini-trash compactor is gone and I miss her so much. Her name is g. She used to eat so much that her grandma was worried about her not being able to stop eating. Maybe I had an inkling even then that this massive appetite would be fleeting. I have always told her (through G) that she will eat what she wants when she wants. She knows when to stop.

And now she has stopped. Starting Saturday, she has really been eating at half capacity. I didn't really notice then. She had a cold so I let her sleep a little more during the day. She awoke from her nap after not having anything for lunch not wanting to eat anything. She ate a couple bites of her lunch at 3:00 pm. That night we went to a wedding and she ate every single thing that we ate. She must have been starved by then.

The next day we went hiking and she ate nothing but cheese and cranberries all day. We were out and about, so I didn't notice it much either. She has a couple of odd days in the past when she ate little one day but she always came back to her former eating self the next day.

Now we are on day 4 of her pecking at food. I am not quite sure what to make of it. I was talking to a friend last week whose baby is the same age as g. She had told me about how picky of an eater her baby was. I was so thankful that g wasn't like that. With all her various weekly illness, the last thing I need was for her to be picky about eating. After hearing this from her, I went to research online and found that toddlers can become picky around 18-22 months. g is a few days shy of 20 and I think she has found picky and embraced it.

G is still in denial and to a some extent I am also. I am still holding out hope that once the cold resolves itself that she will be back to her easy going little self. However this has helped me see the passing of time and how g has gone from the total dependence of babyhood to the burgeoning independence of toddlerhood. For what it's worth, I was glad to have a baby who loved tomatoes and green beans raw, chomping on sugar snap peas and a bite of anything we are having. But whatever she is becoming, she is still my baby.

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