Thursday, June 15, 2006

Gotta let it go

I think I am close to accepting that the new g is a picky eater. Odd though, at daycare they told us that she ate everything that they offered. Maybe at school she sees other people eat and just wants to follow the crowd. I am at least thankful for the few meals a week when her tummy will be full of healthy treats and snacks. Although the daycare provides food, I always give them lunch and snacks to give her. I know I am being "that mother", but I just wanted to be assured that they are giving her 100% juice rather than fruit punch.....blech. I want to make sure that her snacks are mainly fruit, whole grain cereal and crackers rather than ritz bits and whatever else they have on hand. To be fair, the only real information I have is that they do give ritz crackers. Low on the nutrition scale but not that horrible. Anyway, I digress....

All the books and websites outline tips and tricks on how to deal with a picky eater albeit most of them contradict each other to some degree (more snacks vs less snack, more variety vs less variety, scheduled routine vs grazing, supplemental vitamin vs child will eat enough, etc.) But one thing that most of them do have in common is the advice to never make eating/food a battle of wills. And although I have known this for quite some time, it is very hard for me to accept. For the most part in her little life, I have been in charge of her nutrition, her education and her wardrobe (and what a wardrobe it is...again, I digress). Now I will have to accept that she is going to start asserting her own wants and desires. From my readings, this is just one of the first battles. Soon there'll be wardrobe battles and many others leading up to my untimely death.

So what is a control freak to do when she becomes a mother of an opinionated little girl? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Breathe and let go.

Now to convince G and grandma...hmmmm

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