Monday, June 05, 2006

She's back

I was walking home last Friday with dread. g has been sick all week with a virus that left sores all over her lips, mouth and throat. She was too much in pain to eat anything. To prevent dehydration, we had to put oragel on the nipple of her bottle. This numbs her mouth enough to allow her to at least drink something. Two days into the sickness, she had already lost 2 lbs. Now for me, that's just a glass of water, but for her that's almost 10% of her body weight. So I was getting worried. By Friday, although she had begun to feel better, she still didn't want to eat much. I was also afraid that with all the pain that she had felt from eating, that she will turned off from eating her favorite foods (ie bananas, grapes, etc).

g dispelled that fear the minute I walked in the door. Within minutes of settling down inside, she marched herself over to the refrigerator and kept pointing at this. At some point, she got so desperate that I didn't quite understand what she was getting at that she started scaling the sink cabinet (which had her spoons, forks and is right beside the refrigerator). That night she ate 2 slices of cheese, yogurt and an egg. Nice and almost normal.

Saturday and Sunday brought increasing amounts and much needed relief. Although she is not at her usual level, she is fairly close to it already.

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