Tuesday, June 20, 2006


It is not often I talk about G. I am sending him a belated happy father's day greeting - an occasion that he does not celebrate by the way. I would also like to put it here, so that someday maybe g will read about how much of a dad her papa is. I am sure that this writing will not be necessary because she will just know.

G has been the father I had envisioned for my kids and yet it has been more than I have expected. Parenthood has been a partnership as been our marriage, the home construction, everything. He has participated in every aspect of raising little g. He has spent many a wakeful early morning changing and feeding. He changes poopy diapers with great efficiency. He sings her to sleep although he is more adept with the lyrics to "on the boardwalk" than he is with "twinkle, twinkle." He can cup g's whole face in his hand. His is the first name g says when I pick her up in the morning. It almost seems like the morning is not quite complete until she sees him. All this is what I have expected or come to expect in the last few months.

The unexpected...G is strangely protective of g. Not in a baby-in-a-bubble kind of way, but in a very sweet papa way. I have always thought that since he was never an open-the-door kind of guy that he would treat his daughter with the same independent sense of detachment. No! He hovers like a papa duck whose duckling is trying to make a break for the water before it's ready.

He gushes. G is not usually a gusher, but he has been oohing and aahing for months now(admittedly, g is kind of amazing.) This was unexpected.

G continues to amaze me.

On a lighter note, I am sure G appreciated not getting this for Father's Day. I am just thinking to myself, "someone greenlight-ed this production."

and just in case this becomes too hard on the knees, they also offer supplemental knee pads.

Really, what will they think of next???

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Someone told me father's day was next week actually. Apparently Aussies don't care much for dads. Luckily I preemptively sent flowers for mother's day to cover daddy day too. Happy Father's Day!
I knew G would be an amazing dad because he's been an amazing younger brother as well. Oftentimes I feel like the younger sister, myself. Well, having an amazing wife, I'm sure greatly contributes to his motivation also. I'm so glad you found each other. It's a rarity these days!